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DanShaw.com been a guest on many different TV and radio shows, has conducted hundreds of hours of interviews, produced and hosted public events, produced TV shows, crewed TV shows including Rogue Valley TV, and Seattle Community Access TV, worked as a production assistant on the set of Chef Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell, and appeared in "Man in the Shed" at the Willits Community Theater.

Public Appearances:

Stonehenge Gardening Tips, on 100 People You Should Know Jan. 10, 2014. 30 minutes.

Aquaponics in the Nuclear Age
Drew Lamb and Dan Shaw
on the Bob Tuskin radio show Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Geomancy as an alchemical art
Circle of the Radiant Heart, Grants Pass, Oregon, Sunday April 8, 2012

Adventures in Dowsing, British Society of Dowsers Podcast March 7, 2012, Scotland.

Brad Meltzer's Decoded: Devil's Triangle, Alaska. Season 2, Episode 13, for the History Channel.

What is the Earth Grid? Ipet Isut Radio Show, March 20, 2010, duration: 88:49 (starts at 6:30)

Les Cartes du Vortex et Les Energies de Terre (translated live for a French-speaking audience) 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008; 2009 August planned. Mt. Shasta, California and Ashland, Oregon, with John Swinnerton.

Vortex Effects: Energy Dowsers, Lynwood Washington, March 8, 2009

TheSpaceShow.com, December 26th, 2008, Broadcast 1078. "Collaborative Tools & Techniques in Aerospace."
GodBoxCafe.com, Episode 56 http://godboxcafe.com/page2/page2.html, click on "podcast", 23/08/08
International Space Development Conference http://www.isdc2008.org/: Earth-Based Space Stations, June 1, 2008
Aerospace Technology Working Group, http://atwg.org/: Earth-Based Space Stations, May 29, 2008
WorldPortLive.com, numerous episodes, Seattle, Washington, 2008
Overcoming Society's Crisis, The Jim Rough Show, SocietysBreakthrough.com, Port Townsend TV, WA, 2008
AboveTopSecret.com, Show 14 – Interview with Dan Shaw; duration: 44:33

Vortex Maps conversation with Dan Shaw and Gordon Strong, March 2007

Vastu Vedic Design Science interview of Ron Quinn

Ashland Creative Outlet: two episodes, 2006
Ashland Daily Tidings September, 2005: Katrina Response TV Show
Ashland Emergency Response, Rogue Valley TV Show producer & host, Ashand, Oregon
Ashland Daily Tidings August 19, 2005: Patterns in Sound (photoessay)
Ashland Daily Tidings July 30, 2005: RVTV: Community Access Stations Offer an Eclectic Mix of Local Shows
Ashland Daily Tidings April 23, 2004: Musicians Meet for Marketing
LauraLee.com, internet radio guest, 2004
Earth Energy Vortices Lecture, Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, September 16, 2003
EarthChangesTV.com, internet radio guest, (twice, including 06/05/2003)
Roundtable for Subtle Energies Research, bi-monthly series host 2002 - 2003
Sacred Place and Vortex Energies Lecture, Horizon Institute, April 2002
Miracles Moments Show, RVTV television guest, 2000
Ancient Geometry Lecture, Northwest Nature Shop, June 1999
Map Scavenger Hunt, Map Specialist, Talent Elementary School, 1999. My map collection covers two basketball courts. I developed and presented a curriculum based on a scavenger hunt for map symbols.
Salmon Watch Program teacher, Ashland Middle School, Ashland, Oregon, 1998. I delivered a curriculum developed by Oregon Trout.
After-School Enrichment Program instructor, Walker Elementary School, Ashland, Oregon Winter 1997. I taught a geography curriculum I developed around the theme "Space Base".
Geometry of Consciousness and Geometric Maps Lecture, U.S. Psychotronics Association Conference, July 1995
Unlimited (J.Z. Knight Show), RVTV television guest, 1994
Dr. Bob Dubin Radio Show, guest, Petaluma, California, 1990

Roundtables for Subtle Energy Research:

Tools & Techniques to Access your Omniscience: Pendulums, Dowsing Rods, & Muscle Testing, January 16th, 2007
The Shape of Sound II: Explore a new musical art form, February 8th, 2007

GeoHarmonics: The Geometry of Harmony, Sept. 21, 2006

The Shape of Sound: Cymatics and Sonic Surgery August 16, 2005

Marketing Ashland Music Apr. 24,  2004
World Wellness Weekend presenter, Sept. 11, 2004
Evolutionary Astrology: Steve Wolfson
Singdance: Vanessa Nowitzky

Remote Viewing: Cassandra Frost, Mar. 3, 2003
Eating without Heating: Victoria Boutenko, Mar. 18, 2003
Aura and Chakra Devices, Mar. 25, 2003
Make More Money on the Web: DS, Apr. 7, 2003
New Physics, Electro-medical and Sound Healing devices, May 13, 2003
Dance, Open Mike, Very Clean Stones, July 1, 2003
Power of Positive Flow: Sunie Lightwalker, July 29, 2003
Earth Energy Vortices, at Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, Sept. 16, 2003

How We Experience Sacred Place, April 26, 2002 Horizon Institute
Intro to Vortex Energies: DS, May 3 - 5, 2002
Reverse Speech: Jack Johnston July 10, 2002
What is Shamanic Feng Shui?: David Beauforte,  July 24, 2002
Musical Spine: Lucinda Hobart, Aug. 14, 2002
Love's Whisper: Aryeh Kaplan, Aug. 28, 2002
Modern Alchemy of the Ear and Sound: Dan Shaw, Sept. 11, 2002
Breaking the Harmonic Code: Robert Ross , Sept 26, 2002
Music Composed from the Genetic Code: Todd Barton, Oct. 9, 2002

Ancient Geometry & Monuments: DS, June, 2001

Filmmaker -- Writer -- Speaker -- Business Support Services
Dan Shaw dot com