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golden vortex device As seen on history channel
Brad Meltzer's Decoded Season 2, Episode 13 - Devil's Graveyard, Alaska
Devil's Graveyard -- Alaska
12 "Devil's Graveyards" around the world form a geometric pattern. What are these devil's graveyards? Magnetic anomalies? What are vortexes? Is Alaska a Devil's Graveyard? I'm Dan Shaw, a researcher of vortexes, publisher of the EarthStar globe, co-author of the Vortex Field Guide. I was recently featured on Brad Meltzer's Decoded show on the History channel. I demonstrated the Golden Vortex device to Buddy and McKinley ("Mac"), and they were truly impressed. The camera operators also told me (and Brad Meltzer!) that they saw Buddy and McKinley apparent change height. This is not an optical illusion as we usually understand it, due to a slanted background, or to camera angle! See the Decoded episode now on youtube. Season Two, Episode 13, Part 2

By The Vortex Research Group
Nick Nelson has been studying magnets since he was a child. He believes that vortexes hold the key to building a Magnetic Motor. Dan Shaw is a modern alchemist who has been working with the Earth grid for 15 years, to harmonize the Earth and for physical healing and psychic opening.
Nine tourist attractions in the US feature authentic vortex phenomena, this book is about them. Also learn how to map vortexes in your own area, based on their common size, shape, behavior of animals, plant growth, etc., and how to measure and document the phenomena for further research.

"Shrink and Grow" photos

I will pay $1000 to anyone (excluding Nick Nelson!) who can EXPLAIN this "shrink and grow" effect;
OR to anyone who can DISPROVE it OR prove any trickery in these photos.

At the Montana Vortex:

At Mystery Hill, North Carolina:

The demonstration platform.

At the Oregon Vortex:

At Mystery Hill, Michigan:

Nick and Vicki change places.

Vicki compared to herself.

Nick and Vicki moved closer together to show relative height of Vicki's eyes.

Irish Hills, Michigan owner with Nick Nelson. These photos show the originals, plus several comparison versions which have been edited only by moving, not resizing! Notice that Nick barely changes size, while Vicki's height change is dramatic. Nick identified this otherwise unknown active area outside the developed attraction.


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