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Poetry by Dan Shaw
Dan's angels

Into the mouth of cannons

My trusted brother gave the order
I thought I clearly understood
I raised my sword, I made my charge
Six hundred loyal men followed

Into the mouth of cannons
With deafening cannon-bursts from both sides
I rode through the mayhem.
If I had died, my hell might have been to ride through that volley for all eternity
But somehow surviving,
I reached the enemy lines
And through the smoke and blood
I saw the face of the opposing officer

It was a man I had known
And I recalled the pleasant social hours in his company
The memory momentarily but completely yanked me from the battlefield

I turned my horse and led the retreat
Back through the fallen and dying
My regiment decimated
I found I had misunderstood my command.

These moments are alive at every moment in my life transfixed
As they must be in every man's life
Just as we are all exiles in Egypt, all the prodigal son, all Job, all Cassandra.
We all take part in the misunderstood order
The loyalties abused
And when we see ourselves in the faces of our opponents,
Then will we stop killing.

Just West of Here
22 pages, with photos by Dan. Adobe Reader (pdf)

Aw Shucks, it's just a little thing I call a poem...Hope yíall agree.
33 pages, Adobe Reader (pdf)

New Poems from the Old World
5 pages, Adobe Reader (pdf)

New Poems from the Old World

To the Pilgrim on Their Way
Nine newly published poems by Dan.

August Poetry:
Nothing, Another Man's Work, And She Blushed Again, Beaches are made for running,

Mosaic Moe

Captain Bliss
Moss from the Skull of the Hanged Man
wind bending tall grass
Half a chance
Strong Suit
Some things take so long to ripen, or, Try some of this
Intimacy a mountain
Into the mouth of cannons
Don't Know When
A Multiple-Choice Poem

A Multiple-Choice Poem

As I
Cried / sipped a steaming cup of oolong tea / lay dying
I thought back to
Yesterday / May 8th / my first kiss
Now it all seems like a
Dream come true / nightmare / badly dubbed foreign film

In the distance I hear
Churchbells / sirens / symphonies
How I
Miss / adore / bore of
Quiet moments / rare moments / interruptions
When everything seemed as if it
Could go on forever / would never end / never happened

The day I
Stood in the waves / danced on your grave / missed my train
I thought my life
Was over / just beginning / in vain

But now in the clear light of
Spring / the moon / the neon vacancy sign
I have
Changed my mind / lost all motive / dyed my hair

And when I
Leave this place / see you one last time / squint through the misty window
Know / fear / hope
That you will
Remember me kindly / forgive me that 20 bucks I owe you / save me some ice cream and pie

Don't Know When

I shoulda stopped and got gas in the last town
Nothing to do now but keep driving
Can't go back now
Just gotta keep going
Nothing out here for a long ways
Just folks going past at a tragic speed
Can't see past the headlights
If I'd known what a long dark road
I would have savored that cool water
I shoulda spent more time soaking in the laughter of friends, real friends
No place to rest now, don't know when
And as far as I can see the tank's just gonna get emptier and emptier
Nothing on the radio but noise
And in my head these thoughts I've thought a thousand times before
What right have I to hope?
I have abandoned my angels
No years in caves could purify
No proof, no evidence that the sun will rise
It is all I can do to drive on, drive on


Two varieties of grapes
From different regions
Ripened to perfection
-- fermented --
-- blended --
Each contributing its distinct bouquet

Two trees, planted separately
In morning
One shades the other
At dusk, the opposite
They grow together

Two colors
Yellow and blue

Blue wants to know blue-blue
and green and yellow
Yellow wants to know yellow-yellow
and green and blue
Pour them together
On a vast canvas
And mix slowly

Two people
There is no greater journey
There is no prince and princess
There is only happily ever after

Two souls
Totally committed to their relationship to the divine source
Seeing that source in themselves
Seeing no separation between themselves and their beloved
Kneeling down and kissing the feet
-- Namaste --
Treating each other as angels
When I forget
Promise to put my head in your lap and remind me

Two souls - dots - particles
Careening on a journey
Between worlds and lives and states
Balance and stabilize

Two minds - two hearts - two actors,
poet, singer

Captain Bliss
by Dan Shaw
[October 2000]

Every 13,000 years the sun moves through the 12 constellations
every 52,000 years the sun reaches a 'station'
relative to earth's position.
Even that is brief consideration.
so far earth's lifespan
is an even more staggering 5 billion.

Would you expect the sun to rise over Stonehenge in mid-June
How would people neolithic 
learn the trick?
Time and the elements
Could not erode their monuments

If I were named Demosthenes
Would the schoolboys bully and tease?
Would I find my sanctuary in the dusty scrolls of the libraries?
If I could roam the tomes so rare
At the Alexandrian libraire
Would I observe the shadow of a stick
Or would a pyramid or an obelisk do the trick?

Elation -- I am awed by the magnificence of creation
the divine architect deserves more respect
If the conquistadors hadn't made such wrecks
and left a few more Codex's
we mighta had a Renaissance

If I can help preserve something, 
I can help learn something

Somewhere in a hole
lies a stone
a "new rosetta stone"
it's lying face down, naturally
and a geologist will turn it over eventually.

In a cave that used to be dark, dry and cold
the warm, wet breath of the tourists
peels paint three millenia old
that is, what hasn't been carried away and sold.

Somewhere in a tomb
thousands have been spent on restoration
tourists are forbidden
miles away we affect the water table
now salt crystals 
destroy the murals 

One day I will scuba dive
It will be the thrill of my life
Unless I learn some basic facts
I'll have few stories to bring back

Somewhere on the ocean floor
There's some places I've yet to explore
exotic fish glow eery hues
and where tectonic plates are spreading
microbes are happily breeding there too
we'll have to redesign our zoo.

The Hawaiian's say, "Beware of the Goddess Pelee'
don't take any lava away"
There are beaches where the sand is black 
my brother Larry put some in his shoes to take back
he seemed to be alright.
I never wondered why most beaches are white.
(Quartzite is hard, and light.)

You know, it always seems to me
this valley is as beautiful as Yosemite
I wonder how it compares vis-a-vis
the geology?

O California, 
all the geologic gems that adorn ya'
with riches you are flush and fine
one need only recall the gold rush of forty-nine.
Don't drain Mono Lake away
to pipe the water to L.A. 

If we listen to all the alarmists
We'll need a quick trip to the pharmacist's
ecoterrorists are alarming
global warming! the ice caps are melting
the ozone is thinning! killer bees swarming
DNA harming! Bovine growth farming
pesticide resistant hay
I could go on rhyming this way.
It's not too late to save the day

Captain Bliss is ignorance personified
under a black flag setting sail against the tide
Says he, "I'll be your guide"
and "How d'ye like my sharp cutlass?"
Like it's "How do you do?"
it was encrusted with diamonds that wouldn't scratch glass
So saying he stuck the wrong end of the telescope in his eye
and sailed away from his shoe.

"I'm glad you asked me about Stonehenge," (You didn't)
Merlin must have brought them, or
They were of Cyclopean construction
Water on Mars? Let's talk about architecture.
if the magnetic pole shifts have the anti-gravity lift craft ready
and the photon belt shift -- did I say that already?

Sort the true from the new age
Let your heart be your gauge
Don't let your IQ equal your age.
I'm glad I read every page.

Without geology there'd be no petroleum,
no granite for the mausoleum
what would the good be of a degree in geography
if I could not recognize porphyry?
and when it comes to erosion I'm your man
I'm a big alluvial fan

Who can not be moved to see
a girl living in a tree?

The jade professor's eye doth say,
"This is the only paper that rhymes this way
Meter may not be his strength,
It is a tedious three page length, 
but still I think I'll give an A"

Moss from the Skull of the Hanged Man

[Spring Equinox 2000]

Two tones I had known since my youth
Or rather, thought I had known and grown accustomed to --
In a Beethoven sonata
Reformed, fell open,
Unhinged before a flood tide
I sank down through the liquid earth
Gratefully abducted from the symphony hall,
Immediately forgotten and lost
If not for the two angel-tones
Sheltering my frailty
Demons would have instantly crazed me.
By some gift I did not deserve,
Through the wing-feathers I glimpsed
The torments of the inferno.
Each murmur burnt mortal ears perpetually,
Poor unjust souls each scorched in their proportion
Howling noiselessly, mutely,
Futiley writhing to turn against the source of their dismal reward.
Though tears of compassion pour forth,
My eyes would not shut against this vision.
With my guardians beside,
We careened downward still further
To a blazing apex
My mind told me would dash my fragile carcass.
I felt the spike tear into my ribs,
But not blood but red rose perfume poured forth
And we safely trespassed into the opposite realm.
Flaming color tones dazzling on the surface
Of a symphonic sea
Swept an adamantine shore.
Each wave, each ripple resounded
With a harmony overwhelming --
I think then I fainted!
I missed a moment of ecstasy!
Which now I would gladly trade
For my impoverished daily life.
Waking in the gentle support of my two chaperones
The sun brighter than the sun
Melted my icy heart
Nothing was left of the paltry ego
I had indulged since birth.
We plunged into the wave crests
Sparkling loud hallelujahs.
The submarine pressure absolved me.
Sunlight penetrated to the rainbow sea bottom
and my whole being shone transparent to the divine brilliance.
The winged journey had erased memory and foresight,
But at the moment I was gripped by the dread
That my pilgrimage would cease,
the winged musicians dissolved into a blare of clatter
and my vision -- my audition -- ended,
and my body shuddered.
Beethoven's sonata continued,
The symphony hall seemed unaffected.
The musicians played on as if they had not noticed
the two pearly notes that had transported me,
and I collapsed into a reverie
Oddly tinged with remorse.


My childhood was spent in luxury
I never knew adversity 
Nothing seemed to challenge me 
I was as bored as I could be. 

Three years at the university 
Very nearly suffocated me 
I needed more than A, B, C 
What I needed was to feel free. 

By the idea of freedom I became obsessed 
By my possessions I felt possessed 
It was such a relief that day 
When all I owned I sold, or gave away. 

For miles on foot I journeyed through the forest 
With worn out shoes and blistered feet 
I marched all day in searing heat 
Until, exhausted, I stopped to rest. 

But then the night chilled to the bone 
And sleepless I waited for the day's hot sun 
To ignite wet moss, I wasted matches 
Cursed when the last of my food dropped in the ashes. 

On humid nights I lay sleepless, sweating 
Wishing for mosquito netting 
My mouth so dry I could not spit 
I drank my fill from a muddy pit. 

Make your camp while it's still light 
Or you may spend a sleepless night. 
You can't pitch a tent in shifting sand 
And remember to look out for ants! 

Trails gave way to unpaved street 
My kingdom for a place to eat! 
I want a hot meal at any cost 
I asked directions, and still got lost. 

Waited for a ride all night in the rain 
This bus must be wrong 
It's circling town again 
Took a cab and got short-changed. 

At long last I reached the sea 
The salty air was medicine to me 
I boarded ship, the crew set sail 
We were beset by a fearsome gale 
Tempest-tossed my faced turned pale. 

When I reached that foreign shore 
I stared, stunned at what lay before 
An endless expanse of glassy sand 
No way across but camel caravan. 

I braved the heat, I suffered cold 
And other trials I haven't told 
I would do it all again, my dear, 
Because, you see, it brought me here. 

wind bending tall grass

A heart-shaped stone
Too big to carry home.
No path through these woods
Just the wind bending tall grass
Until the rabbits ran through
Winding over sumptuous ridges
Moonlight throws shifting shadows
Deer hooves tread delicately
Owl rests watchfully.

First rays of daylight
Catch on dewy bristles
Night creatures retreat to their dens.

Let rodents blaze your trail
They know how to run with the earth
Follow no trails
Leave no trace
Blaze your own trails

Any rock lays unremarkable
Until gloriously appreciated.
Paths paved with small kind deeds
	and cookie crumbs
Need not lead anywhere in particular
As long as the fog breaks
And the sun breaks through.
Pompador Bluff stands as an island proud
	in a valley of mist.

Two paths came together in the wood.

Half a chance

Be my romance 
Give me half a chance
Teach me how to dance
I'd rather touch your heart 
Than touch your hand.

They say the age of romance is past
The "M" word just won't last
They say it's too much to ask
So don't ask. 
That's what they say.

I just want to sit by the fire
With my bride by my side by the fire
That's about all I require
By the fireside with bride I'd retire
By firelight my bride I'll admire

From July to June
I'll pay obeisance to the moon
This humble love song I will croon
As we gaze upon the moon.

I don't care how long
I have to sing this courtship song
I could go on and on and on
I feel I've known you all along

Underneath the sunny sky
As the lovers wander by
They may hear me sigh
As I gaze into your eye

As we float along the stream
I feel as in a dream
That's exactly how it seemed
Da da de de de de dee

In the summer when it's hot
We will travel quite a lot
Off to some secluded spot
Where the world is forgot

I will take you on a cruise
We'll go anywhere you choose
We'll kick off our shoes
And take a snoozy-snooze

I'll cook all the food
It might not be so good
I'll chop all the wood
I won't look under the hood.

Your job is to sing to me
And to let me tell you what you mean to me
You're sea to shining sea to me
America the Free to me.

It's easy to see us ten years hence
White horses behind a sturdy fence
With a modicum of some horse sense
You'd see right through all my nonsense

You should have seen me ten years ago
I thought I was such a Romeo
I would wander to and fro
I had no idea where to go

I can hear you asking, "So?"
Let me say before I go
There's one thing I've come to know
To live is to grow.

Strong Suit

An astute young tutor from Tudor
Took pursuit of the good king's daughter
The kind king never told 'er what she ought'er
She could marry whoever would suit her

The more the suitor's pursuit
The more she refused
The more she refused
The more he'd pursue
Till at last her refusal
He couldn't refute

Bearing garlands
among the sea weed and drift wood
you, goddess, step lightly
no fog could veil your brilliance

If I had not seen you
if I had only seen the imprint of your foot in the sand 
before the wave erased it
I might have known so much

From the distance I could not at first see your face
it was the way you stood still
it was the bend of the arm

In the next moment I knew that somehow you
were more at the beach than I was
suddenly I felt salt in my nose
and sand beneath my feet
the waves crash-echoed at my ears

This moment pivots so many years
I am drawn nearer and
I force myself to approach
you now ride a tiger

Bearing gifts in my left hand
among sea weed and drift wood
I step lightly
No beast could dissuade me

If I had not seen your face
If I had only heard your voice --

Goddess, I can only adore and worship you
from your body the earth, the seas poured forth
allow me to follow you
I will open in myself a vast crater
to catch the droplets
you shake from your hair
and I will be filled.

Invite me to your ceremony
let me be your consort, your devotee
I will praise thee
let us approach imperceptibly

Let us touch orange sparks
we will rest on the waters of bliss
rivers of light bathe the marrow
closure opens; the giver receives; the solid flows
in an instantaneous eternity, enlightenment. 


Eight and a half by eleven
Is too flat and small
Words too thin and overused
Numberless verbs clamor for attention
Too many words clog the shelves and air
My eyes and ears are full numb

Before truth was certain
It shouted itself hoarse
Now by standing still and silent
Virtue stands out above the seething stew

Gratitude gave up
Trying to find words sufficient, fittingly eloquent, elegant

The poet lives not in handshakes and howdy's
But the poet lives in an inner oasis
Invisible from the outer desert
A distant oasis.
I rhymed a map
The names were changed because
I hope you'll find your own

The ceaseless crash of wave upon wave
Upon the expansive shore
Pauses for a moment...

Elastic stretched, strains to return
To that resting place
Stretched too far or too long
I feel brittle and fear I'll snap apart

I searched a dictionary in vain
For a word that was worth the ink
No tree was so rude or base
That I could ennoble it with a pen

Searching the outer world
I found no phrase I wished I had written
I found no item to inspire my tongue

Searching my heart
I found understanding hungry
To be heard without speech and
The mute voice of my soul

The soul pronounces a silent mantra tirelessly
Even a thought or feeling
Which weighs less than the lightest word
Cumulates, accretes like a lumescent pearl
No, like a wall of pearls, a reef
Harboring a private bay
Breaking the surf to calming ripples

The surf, the surf of manic sound
The blindness from clash of neon
Painters desperate for recognition
Wasting pigment on a canvas
Which was so much more festive white
If even one was brave enough not to paint.


This vine once stood in the sun-soaked soil
In Mediterannea's salty air and rocky hill
Bearing sweet fruit to be crushed and stashed
Coolly, in cellars cut deep and dark
Each year's fermented harvest unique
Stored for celebrations of future years.
When families gathered together their belongings
They brought with them cuttings
Took root in new soil new air new hill
Harvested crushed fermented new grapes
Harvests celebrated after years of tending
Fruition hard wrought from the indiscernible
Victory of growth in elements harsh, hot; and cold
Hard, rocky unrelenting, inhospitable
Grew green, vines shading, cooling
Rains permeated the earth, roots grew down
Drew nutrients from mineral moisture
Grapes grew and hung in bunches
Gathered by thousands, gathered by thousands
Crushed, blended, fermented
Uncorked and poured into bulbous glass
Red celebration tipping
To meet your red lips intoxicating.

Some things take so long to ripen,
Try some of this

For best results,
Use a pencil as sharp as a Ginsu knife

Plan your meal around
The choicest local words available at the market
Select an assortment of verbiage
With varying colors and textures

Let the Good Housekeeping Cookbook be your Thoreau
Linger over the rhythm of the recipes
Season your kitchen like Walden

Chop your ingredients into distinctive shapes
Warm over a steady flame with close attention
Garnish with some hint of surprising spice
Some cooling aromatic herbs

Arrange the settings on tablecloth
As an artist does on his tableau
Serve each course at leisure
Enjoy each in its proper sequence
Take care to refill the glass before it empties.

Play a score that will soothe
Two candles will be light enough.

Compose each plate as carefully
As a songwriter each verse

When the grapes have been plucked
The stem has served its purpose

The space between courses
Is as important to the poem
As is the emptiness of a stomach
To a healthy appetite.

Save some room
For the sweet punchline.

Can I pour you some dark import?
Can you taste the cinnamon?

Mmm, I love it when people appreciate my cooking.
It was made with love.

There are some words left over
So I'll just wrap them up
And put them in the fridge for tomorrow
I can't tell you the recipe exactly
It comes out different every time

A good honest home-made poem
Is so nourishing and fulfilling
You just feel like laying down after.
Spoon me.

Intimacy a mountain

The red tiger that paces within my rib cage
The heart captive and solitary
Aching as it must to be uncaged
A desire so intense to see not what is
Internal vision so bright it blots out true sight

Impatiently, impatiently waiting
I have foreseen it a hundred thousand different ways
A face with such charisma
Enchants my eyes like some fairyís flower
I am spellbound

Her hair is red or it is black
She is tall or short
Her features are round or narrow
Her gentle words caress the ears

How cruel to hide the key to my prison
In the most remote and guarded court
Of some yet unknown ladyís heart
My heart, like some dry inert powder
Finding in you some needed element quickens

Nothing can be seen but you
Miraculously the moon full fills the sky
Your brow becomes a landscape
Under the loving lens

Some hearts like luggage
Have been packed too full
Straining; bursting to open

But the heart opens itself like a light
Radiant and warming
As it pours itself out, it receives more and grows

And any confinement
Would not be too small or dark
To share with my loved one
The universe is in her and a sun

The stir-crazy tiger can be still
And breathe deeply, and content
The air seems honey sweet
No words are needed

Quiet wants to hear her breath
My cheek to feel its warmth

Intimacy a mountain
So magnificent
That its creation is beyond conceiving
And its absence unimaginable

When my eyes first meet hers,
Words may clumsily spill from my mouth
As if escaping from the roiling battlefield of my brain
She will hear what Iím not saying
Unfinished sentences perfectly understood

Griefs shared will weigh lighter
Desserts shared will taste sweeter

The heart-spring opens and
By mixing is enriched irrevocably
No effort can sort out from the heart
What it has once taken in

Two lovers lie motionless, enmeshed
He immersed in a single wrinkle of her skin
And she in the comfort of the sound of his breathing.


At last, everything is one.
At first, everything is one.
No two ever derived from separate sources
Nor one from the other.
Both originate in the unity.
Both are destined for unity.

Along the way from oneness to oneness
Complementarity breaks down into polarity
The two share an intersection
Which takes on the appearance of a boundary
Instead of a connection

In the molecule we examine ourselves,
Our positive and negative electrical charge balance
That keeps two particles as one compound
Electrical charge which can not be sustained alone
Not alone.

Sorrow resisted seeks deeper sorrow.
Sorrow once embraced fully
Having reached the end of the cave
Turns its face again to the light of joy.

Joy prefers sorrow to the stony-hearted
Sorrow is the lens bent to magnify joy
The chasm between joy and suffering she loves to leap
Joy is so vast that one candle in the hand of joy
Will push back the black night

As much as the sun loves to shine,
It does not love its own rays the most,
But delights in dusk and dawn
When it merges and mixes with shadow
At the edge of illumination

Airy waters fall to earth, seeking the sea's basin.
Rain carries air into the soil
Water in earth as air is in water
And gathers to it minerals and salts.
The seas massage the coast
And know themselves by their shores.

And on a beach two beings walk
Hand in hand
Her left hand fits into his right
His bare feet impress the sand more deeply than hers

His rough skin catches the fog
Her smooth face glows with the light reflected
Off sand and sea

His strength allows her gentleness
Her gentleness may bring out his strength or his gentleness
And let his strength elicit her strength

We know words can only hint and approximate
Strength does not oppose gentleness
True strength is gentle

When strength becomes brutality
Delicacy becomes frailty
Any quality unmoderated by its complement becomes extreme
A hum quiet but incessant becomes deafening

The magnitude of the crime is yet unrealized
Strong men will weep

Two faces of virtue seen Through two eyes
Resolve into one.
Active and passive
We must balance and merge all these
Within ourselves, male and female

Woman, vouch safe your femininity
Do not let your softness harden
Do not wear down your nails or cut your hair
Wear it long and flowing

Daughter, seek out and emulate
Some model of elegance
Sister, cultivate those qualities
We only read about in fairy tales

Women may weld and rivet while men battle
The battle may be won
The home may be lost
Make your boys into men
But not your girls

Confusion is rampant
Men wear long hair and earrings
Women wear short hair and pants

God, preserve the endangered species
Of the feminine woman.
Dress her in bright colors
Enthrone her beside the highest man
Let no man debase her.

Choose up the lowest woman
Let royalty kiss her feet
More reverently than a Pope
Might kiss the Earth.

Let men smell of sweat
And cover them with dust
Let women compound perfumes
And step on coats over mud

O giver of every gift
Blind me with the radiant sun
Blind me with a blanket of snow
If I ignore your glory in one water droplet
Will you remind me
You will, you will flood me in the next moment
With an ocean
And I will praise your glory in every drop.

Liberator of souls
Pierce my eyes with the sight of a woman
Pierce my heart with a woman
Deafen me with her sweet soft singing

There is nothing I more want to hear
Let a love song be the last thing I hear
It will reverberate and echo
On her song I will feast.

When the monks in their orange robes have departed
Incense smoke has dissipated
The horns and symbols have faded
The colored sands have been swept away
We will have to open our eyes and go out.

When the ship unmoored
Puts out to sea
Exuberance springs
From the opening rift

Has the origin been wholly relinquished?
Some unnoticed earth clod carried along
As if caught inadvertently in the tread of a shoe
Or some momento cherished like a relic

My sea-floor is littered with anchors
Anchors dragging leave the sea-bed scarred
Although at times I drifted without
In some storms I have cast them over all sides
Sea-weed clings to the anchor hoisted on deck
Others abandoned will never be retrieved

The hull-cradle wave rocked
Foam-sung lullaby
Destination day-dreams
To make them real
We must awake

To ships miles out at sea
Wind carries
Tropic island fragrance

One grape among a bunch
Prescient of its auspicious fate
Sweetens with such fervor

A grain of sand lusts for the fire
That will fuse it into the wine bottle

Dull routine blindingly polished by anticipation
Plantings tended with more lavish intoxicated merriment
Than a toast to the guest of honor

Your smile, kind word, warm embrace
Poise, sun-like grace
Leave their trace
On my mindís retina

Romance a journey mythic
Navigated by the stars
Informed by the highest ideals
A duet played on new instruments

Arrow-straight arrow
Yearning to be strung, drawn, released.
The harp-bow sends forth a musical missile
Guided by amour and admiration.

Countless envelopes tear open today.
The stacked sum of words
Adds up to nearly nothing, compared to one.
Few notes carry so much yet weigh so lightly.

Let the telephone ring
My voice it is not this time.
Ring, telephone; not this time.
Until I call will you enjoy hoping?

I would have sent you a rose, but could not send just one.
I would have sent a bunch, but
One does not present a flower to a garden.
I would pave your path with petals before you, but
It would be less fragrant than the trail you leave behind

The earth longs to feel your bare feet,
The hardwood floor you make wish it could dance

In me you ignite a spark
But the spark says, "I already exist within you."
"I am immortal, independent."
In one sparkle a conflagration waits in possibility
In the ashes the spark though missing is there.

The still lips of a diva
An inkwell capped
A blank book
These hold the possibility of infinite praise
Everything is cradled in the void,
But one spot may fill it.

Here's some
lyrics by Larry Shaw, my brother.

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