Map Activities and Lessons

I am available to come to your location to do Map Art Exhibits and Activities.

The Map Art Exhibit displays in a fun way for public appreciation the art of maps and map-making, and the science of geography. The exhibit features a diverse array of maps as art and closely related exhibits, and travels to museums and schools. The Exhibit includes a "scavenger hunt,” a game to identify which features are from which maps.

These map activities I designed using maps I had on hand. You could use these same lesson plans, but you would have to locate the maps. It's just as easy to use maps that you have, and you can look over these example questions for some ideas. Once your students have done one scavenger hunt, they may enjoy creating one of their own, for other students. I asked the students to create three questions for each map, easy, medium, and hard. I can design activities around other themes and subject areas. I have included a partial list of my map collection that might give you some ideas. I like to have multiple copies of the maps, especially in the case of two-sided maps, in case I want to mount or frame them, to have a teacher's copy, and to have extras in case of wear and tear.

MSWord .doc format:

maps-lesson.doc Lesson plan for teachers.

Spanish-themed Map-Art Activity
spanish-maps.doc List of some Spanish-themed maps available
spanish-map-teach.doc Answer key to Spanish-themed Map Activity

Map Art Scavenger Hunt
Using a selection of 'artistic' maps in my collection to teach map coordinate system grids in a fun way.
map-hunt-questions.doc The questions
map-hunt-grid-answer.doc For the students to fill out and hand in
map-hunt-answer-key.doc The teacher's key

"The River Why" Map-Art Exhibit
The Ashland Public Library displayed maps April-June 2007 in conjunction with "The River Why" events. The Map-Art Exhibit, "Find Yourself on a River", features maps of rivers and fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Each map is accompanied by a few pertinent questions, and school classes are invited to view the exhibit, and 'test' themselves on their map literacy.

river-map-questions.doc For the students
river-map-answer-key.doc For the teacher

Maps List
A partial list of my hundreds of maps.

Enough maps to fill a gymnasium
Map activities at 8 stations, enough for a classroom of kids or two to occupy themselves for an hour or more.


Geometry of the Earth: EarthStar Globe Lesson Plan
How a 3-dimensional surface is represented through a 2-dimensional surface such as in maps. Cut-out & assemble shapes, coloring, suitable for young children to adults.

I am available to come to your location to do Map Art Exhibits and Activities.